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Thank you to the incredible actress and graceful woman that is @kimcattrall for choosing Totally Tailored for a #privatetour of London. ...

Jasmin, the master of the selfie after hosting this lovely American family over two days - with the Best of London and Harry Potter tours.

Excited to host more lovely families like this one in the new year.

Happy New Year! We are so grateful for everyone who made 2021 a memorable year. Here's to a bright and expansive 2022! ...

A Totally Tailored Christmas gift. ...

Delivered our final Totally Tailored Hamper today. Goodies by Borough Market, transport by bicycle and scenery by London.

Merry Christmas.

Sitting on a bench on Bond Street is a lovely reminder of the UK's and the US's friendship. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill have been sitting on this bench since 1995 when British-American sculptor, Lawerence Holofcener, was commissioned by Bond Street Retailers Association and presented it to the City of Westminster. 'The Allies' statue was created to celebrate 50 years of peace.

Make sure to stop and say hello to the former Prime Minister and former president as you stroll down to the elegant shops of Bond Street.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American followers! 🇺🇸 Thanksgiving celebrates the friendship between the pilgrims and Native Americans after a plentiful harvest in 1621. This holiday is celebrated the fourth Thursday of November and is a time to reflect on what you are thankful for with your loved ones and a home cooked turkey dinner. 🦃

It is not customary to celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but here at Totally Tailored we see it as a chance to thank all our wonderful guests from across the pond, for getting us to where we are today.

London's embankment, around 26 years ago. And yes, that's Charley in the braces. ...

Happy World Tourism day! Now that travel is happening again we hope to host you on your next UK adventure. ...

Just over two miles from Edinburgh city centre, you'll find the old port town of Leith.

When the shipping trade declined the area became known for high levels of unemployment. Much of Irvine Welsh's 1993 novel 'Trainspotting' is set in the area.

To those that have read Welsh, this photo may seem a far cry from the gritty scenes of his novels.

Lots of development in the waterside area over the past 20 years mean 'The Shore' here is arguably the most picturesque and pleasent parts of Leith, home to many pubs and some of the city's most renowned restaurants.

So if you're in Edinburgh, get on the bus 22 from Prince's Street, or walk a couple of miles down Leith Walk. You might be surprised with what you find.

Nestled in the side of a Greek restaurant on Bankside London is the stone Ferryman's Seat. While the age of the seat is unknown, we do know that this once was a seat for a Ferryman who operated a water taxi service across to the north side of the Thames and back.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This trade was thriving up until 1750, when the south side of the Thames was seen as lawless.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
While this seat was definitely not the comfiest throne for the ferryman, it does make a nice seat for a little dog.

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