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Here at Totally Tailored, we specialize in customized and private tours, led by a dynamic team of passionate locals. Excellent private guides are the backbone of who we are, so we’re always looking for experienced guides to join the team. Please find information about the role below. We look forward to receiving your application!

You Must:

  • Be London or Edinburgh based.
  • Have worked as a tour guide in London or Edinburgh for a minimum of 8 months.
  • Know your city as a whole. You don’t need to be a historian, but you must be able to answer queries such as “what’s the best pub near here?”, or “which museum should we plan a half day visit to?”.
  • Be able to demonstrate a skill and pride in hospitality — private tours are as much about hosting your guests as they are the factual/historical commentary.
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of performance and authoritative style when speaking.
  • an ability to be flexible. Itineraries often change in these capital cities so you must be able to see change as an opportunity and frame the unexpected as a positive.
  • Have excellent time keeping skills and adhere to a smart, practical dress code.


£20+ an hour plus tips (approx £30 per day worked) and benefits
Freelance/zero hours contract


Please send us your CV and up to 60 seconds of video of you presenting to camera about your “perfect day out” to We are not looking for polished production values or great locations in the footage — it’s more to see your speaking style, personality, and what you love about your city, so let that shine through!

Are you a Blue Badge Guide?

Please send us a link to your “Britain’s Best Guides” or “Guide London” or “STGA” profile to Don’t have a profile? Just send us your CV and your specialities as a Blue Badge guide.

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