Because one size doesn't fit all

In early 2020, having just established our Edinburgh office, we were happily planning a whole host of established and new tours in the Spring/Summer season.

None of us could have predicted the decimating effect Covid-19 had on our plans.

After dealing with the cancellations, we had to think differently.   After all, our motto is ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, which points to the pride we have in being adaptable, flexible and forward-thinking.

So with some careful consideration and planning, we have developed a range of high-quality virtual offerings for you, your family or your colleagues to enjoy from anywhere in the world.


Think of these tours as bringing the outdoors indoors.  Your guide will roam the city showing you its secrets through her eyes with streamed video and sound.

You can interact with your guide in real with a live chat feature.

It’s a great way to witness lockdown London, get a taste of our tours and get a feeling of travelling at this difficult time of restrictions.

Prepared tours:

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click ‘get in touch’ at the bottom of  this page to schedule your own private version of any of them or tailor one in your chosen location.Suitable for groups from 1- 200.



With these tours we use google maps, apple street flyover and high definition picture and video to give you the feeling of walking down the street. These tours can be scheduled at any time.  They can also be entirely tailored to your group and you are welcome to commission and area not listed.  Here are the already prepared options.


  • London’s icons through its lesser know characters

Charley tells the stories of London’s most interesting character.  Meet a Palace intruder, a street artist and a cockney Bus driver who all have an important story in London’s most famous icons. Quiz included.

Price: £230
Time: 1 hour

Scheduled to suit you on zoom. Private groups of up to 100.


  • London’s design and Modern architecture (45 mins)

From Elephant and Castle to the Gherkin learn about London’s cutting edge role in modern design and architecture through this highly interactive presentation.

Price: £230
Time: 1 hour

Scheduled to suit you on zoom. Private groups of up to 100.

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