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Our Six Favourite ‘Proper Pubs’ in London

So, now the Totally Tailored team has shown you How to Spot a Proper Pub, it’s time for you to benefit from our days (and nights) spent getting to know London’s pubs.

Because every Londoner knows that the best recommendation is for your local ‘proper pub’. So, here we go:

The Totally Tailored Local:

The Gladstone Arms

Where:  64 Lant St, London SE1 1QN

Always known to the Totally Tailored team as ‘The Glad’, this is our local. It’s the kind of pub that’s a home away from home, where you can always get a real drink, eat fantastic food, and hear great live music.

The decor is industrial-meets-traditional, there’s a great terrace upstairs when the weather is nice enough, and the gin offering is superb. We know because we’ve sampled them all.

Megha and Gaurav are experts at everything publicans ought to be: they know everything from the tastiest new craft beers, to the best local events, and how to heal your broken heart.

Tour Guide Tip: Pop in on a Sunday for an Anglo-Indian Roast.

The Trader’s Pub:

Pride of Spitalfields

Where:  3 Heneage St, London E1 5LJ

Think you won’t find a traditional British boozer anywhere near Shoreditch? Think again. The Pride of Spitalfields is still trading on being the proper British pub par excellence.

No nonsense service and it hasn’t been redecorated since the 70s but that is just a part of its charm.

From traditional furnishings to warm British beer, this is a one-in-a-million pub. Join us there one on of our East End Food Tours for a proper pint in authentically vintage surroundings.

The Pilgrim’s Pub:

The Mayflower

Where:  117 Rotherhithe Street, London SE16 4NF

This pub has great historic associations for our American guests. It’s where the Mayflower ship of pioneers to America first set sail, back in 1620.

Nowadays it’s a lovely local pub which still has an astonishing waterside location paired with classic British pub food. You’ll have to be quick to get a riverside spot on the terrace, but it’s one of the best vistas in London.

Tour guide Tip: In the 1800’s, this historic pub had seafarers docking at Rotherhithe with minimal time to spare. They were able to order a pint and a postage stamp at the bar. Even today, it is the only pub licensed to sell US & UK postage stamps!

The Actor’s Pub:

The Grapes

Where:  3 Heneage St, London E1 5LJ

Just across the river from the Mayflower is another great historic pub. This one is owned by modern acting legend Ian McKellen, who also wrote a history of a pub that’s seen London change through 500 years of history.

In fact, it’s such a London institution that Charles Dickens even used its appearance as a setting for his novel Our Mutual Friend. But even if all you want is a taste of local ales on the riverside, this is a great spot.

The Gangster’s Pub:

The Blind Beggar

Where: 337 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1BU

This is the kind of pub that has it all – an incredible history, including medieval riches-to-rags stories, and a murder by 1960s gangland celebrities the Krays.

Come here for proper unpretentious East-ender vibe, great sausages, and a lovely pub garden at the back. Perfect for reading the papers, and taking life easy.

Tour guide Tip: Make sure to eat before because they only serve drinks or else you’ll find yourself playing the role of the beggar

The Royal’s Pub:

The Fox & Pheasant

Where:  1 Billing Rd, London SW10 9UJ

This Chelsea Gastropub finds itself on many Londoner’s lists including Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

One thing that makes for a ‘Proper Pub” is the feeling of home, and The Fox & Pheasant accomplishes just that. With cosy fireplaces, a dartboard and dog biscuits for your furry friends, the feeling of home is all around.

The pub opened many years back in 1846, but it was recently remodeled into one of our favorite Gastropubs. No need to worry because the feeling of a ‘Proper Pub’ was preserved with delicious roasts served every Sunday and kind staff waiting to pour you a pint.

Tour guide Tip: Singer and Songwriter James Blunt best known for his song “Beautiful” owns this pub alongside his wife, Sofia Wellesley!

Do you fancy a private proper pub tour? Then I have good news: you can book your Proper Pub Experience with us now. 

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