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The best sports to watch in London

Sport can always find ways to thrill us, whether in the last seconds of an Olympic race, or the last gasp of a football match between fierce local rivals. And there are few places better to experience this than London, which has a rich heritage in many sports- some well-known, others less so. Here are a few well worth checking out: 

Football- The Tourist Choice- Arsenal  

Football is the UK’s unofficial official sport, and London is at its heart. There are 17 professional football clubs in the city, including 7 in the top division- and that’s just the men’s game. This means your options for catching a game are numerous. We are giving you two of our favourites. The first is Arsenal in North London. One of the city’s biggest teams, they are currently enjoying a hot streak, which really boosts the atmosphere. This makes it a great place to experience the iconic culture of football chanting.

Football- The Local Choice- Millwall

You don’t get much more of a contrast to Arsenal than Millwall. Based in the working-class area of Bermondsey, Millwall has built up a reputation for its raucous fanbase, known for their slogan “no one likes us, we don’t care”. Be warned- you will be sure to hear more than your fair share of bad language. But you will also experience a less commercialised, more authentic version of the greatest game.

Tour guide tip- be sure to sample the traditional half-time pie. Chicken Balti is our favourite. 

The Traditional Choice- Cricket at the Lords 


Cricket is one of the UK’s oldest sports, and its home is Lord’s in North London. A visit here gives you the chance to see either England or local team Middlesex in action- followed up by a visit to the world’s oldest sporting museum. 

Tour guide tip- make sure you know what kind of game you are going to see, as depending on the format matches last from half a day to spread out over many days! 

The Active Choice- London Marathon

Taking place every April, the London Marathon is central to London’s sporting calendar. As a spectator you will get to witness one of the world’s largest marathons, with around 50,000 people taking part, many of whom are dressed up in all kinds of wacky costumes. However, if you’re feeling fit, then taking part is an amazing way to view the city from an angle you would never get otherwise. 

Tour guide tip- our favourite place to watch the runners is on Tooley street in Bermondsey. Not so busy, and afterwards you are close to loads of great bars and restaurants. 

The Historian’s Choice- Jousting at Hampton Court 

UK, Surrey – Hampton Court Palace

If you fancy a more historical approach, one great option is to head to Hampton Court Palace. This 16th Century Palace, home once to Henry VIII, is now a great place to learn about the history of sport in London and England, from learning about tennis to seeing displays of jousting. 

Tour guide tip- make sure to check out the amazing Mantegna Gallery while you are there- 9 huge paintings telling the story of Julius Caesar returning triumphant from battle.

The American Choice- NFL at Wembley 

Just because there is a great heritage of British sport in London, that doesn’t mean we aren’t opn to outside influence. There is no better way to celebrate this than with one of the 3 NFL games to take place in London every October. 

These take place at either Wembley Stadium or the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, but for our money you have to pick Wembley- it’s the UK’s biggest and most iconic stadium after all. 


Us Londoners have been hooked on competitive sport since time began. Something of the hustle, bustle and majesty of the city, sparks an excited, competitive sporting spark. London is never too far away from the action. With all this in mind, London can quite easily sit at the top table of iconic, global sporting cities. It’s waiting for you to come and visit.

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