Introducing… Totally Tailored Learning

Almost overnight, online learning has become the norm.


So we’ve redeployed some of our brilliant guides to add a dynamic, fun, European touch to you and/or your kids’ education.

Private lessons – Your tutor will be dedicated to just you and your family or group

No boring lectures – Polls, games and challenges make these as interactive as possible

Tailored to you – Content will match your knowledge and style. All ages are welcome

To book one of the below courses or arrange something bespoke, simply email in a new tab)

Go on a journey through the history of art. On this four week course, you will:

Enjoy art from the earliest cave paintings to modern conceptual art

Hear the stories and scandals behind the great masterpieces

Discover different philosophies of art from across the world

Learn about the range of artistic techniques and the history of color

Beatrice is our specialist Art guide and has a PHD in art and literature. £390 for a 4 week course of 4 one-hour lessons.

Explore the life, times and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill. Over four sessions, we will:

Delve into Winston’s childhood to discover how it shaped his entire life

Learn about his political failures in the first half of his career

Discover how close Britain came to defeat during World War Two

Explore Winston’s legacy through the lens of our own times

Mr Londoner is a writer, broadcaster, tour guide and a former director of the Museum of London.  £390 for a 4 week course of 4 one hour lessons.

It’s Tudor time! Learn all about England’s most famous royal dynasty, in our four week course:

Meet the many monarchs from Henry to Elizabeth, in a fun engaging way

Learn about the lifes of the royals and the working class in this fascinating era

Play games and quizzes to help with your Tudor knowledge

Can be entirely tailored to any age group, taste or learning style

Danny is a tourguide who has worked in education and school groups for Royal Palaces. £390 for a 4 week course of 4 one-hour lessons.

Get creative and explore the fun of theatre and monologues. Over this four week course you will:

Learn drama games that build confidence and helps creativity

Explore fun ways of learning a monologue

Discover the many exciting ways of bringing a character to life

Gain skills that can benefit your everyday life both socially and professionally

Linus is our resident Harry Potter guide and a professional actor. £390 for a 4 week course of 4 one-hour lessons.

Come explore the lives of the badass women of the past. In this course, you will:

Hear about the lives and adventures of 12 amazing, powerful women

See what we can learn from their bravery

Discover why their stories remained hidden - it may not be for the reasons you think!

Be inspired to unleash your own badassery; maybe it's your time to shine!

Jasmin is a London tour guide and stand-up comedian. £390 for a 4-week course of 4 one hour lessons.

Discover the Real History of Magic in London! On this four week course, you will:

Go on a journey through the history of Magic in England, from witches and alchemists to tales of great illusionists past and present.

Discover the links between science and alchemy.

Discover the links between science and alchemy.

Hear about the subversive history of the Top Hat and how professional eccentrics have defied superstition on the streets of St James’s for centuries.

Jennifer is a musician, magician and Blue Badge Tourist Guide. £390 for a 4 week course of 4 one-hour lessons.