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Totally Tailored creates custom itineraries to fit our guests perfectly – because one size doesn’t fit all! Our expert private guides take the time to get to know you, to make the most of your precious time in Edinburgh. Every one of our award-winning tours are tailored to your interests, your comfort, and your style.

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Who is looking forward to the new Renaissance?

From May 17th indoor hospitality reopens, including most of the U.K's amazing museums and galleries.

Almost a hundred years ago in 1922 Ada Salter became the Mayor of the then borough of Bermondsey. She was the first woman Mayor to be elected in London. Despite opposition she pursued a policy of greening the borough.
Her Beautification Committee planted thousands of trees, 10,000 tulip bulbs and built public baths, children's playgrounds and better, healthier housing.

@jparkersbulbs kindly donated another 10,000 tulip bulbs to local residents at the #bermomdseystreet festival, last year in Ada's honour.

This is our part of the picture. About to flower on #grangeroad. Thank you J Parkers and thank you Ada Salter. #ada100 #myjparkers

Is there any better view of London than from the top of a public bus?
Totally Tailored founder Charley is doing live-streamed virtual tours from the top of a double decker every Sunday. They are free to join and a great way to witness lockdown London.
The route changes each week and is only announced at the start of each 45 minute tour! Link to book in bio. Come ride with us!

Tomorrow marks the start of Women's History month.

Have you considered brushing up on your 'herstory'?

Jasmin and Totally Tailored have teamed up to develop a one-to-one fully interactive (and fun!) video call course on four amazing and historical women.

Four one-hour private video call sessions with Jasmin can be worked out around you or your kids' schedule. And as no two learners are the same, your course content can be #totallytailored
to you.

Featuring science experiments, clay, paper aeroplanes, performance and #mariecurie #bessiecoleman
#edmonialewis #audreyhepburn

'They has HUGE smiles after class. It was the most fun that can be had on zoom'
Nick, Michigan, December 2020 (booked for Jacob and Mackenzie ages 9 and 7)

Inbox us to book yours

Trafalgar Square at 4.10pm today.

NB: For those who joined my 'Live', the fountain intruder was escorted to safety by police just after our tour and just before this photo was taken.

Props to @terrydougherty1 for his impromptu ditty!

Charley is bringing the outdoors indoors with regular virtual tours of London.

These are live, roaming (that is Charley walks through London she presents) and she interacts with a live chat feature too.

It's a free way to witness lockdown London, get a taste of our tours and get a feeling of travelling at this difficult time of restrictions.

From London bridge to Tower bridge at 3pm GMT tomorrow or a new Trafalgar Square tour at 3pm GMT on Thursday

Link to book is in the bio.

Stunning capture of a Trafalgar Square fountain by @albotros

Linus is our very own Harry Potter guide and also a very talented actor. His opening night of his much anticipated solo show became his closing night due to the UK's lockdown.

Connect with and learn from Linus in this, a private and practical 4-week course on monologus which can be done at anytime and anywhere to suit you.

Just message us if you are interested.😍📖

2020 was a challenging year for us and many others. But we're grateful for the unique lessons it has taught us and the amazing support of all our followers.

Here's to a bright and expansive 2021!

Always something new to see at Borough Market. ...

Did you know that during a day London's River Thames goes up and down up to 25 feet?

At low tide these muddy 'beaches' are exposed. Weird and wonderful things can be found which all tell a story about the city's 2000 year past.

Our most modern discovery today was this half buried and battered #Santander hire bike, known to Londoners as a 'Boris bikes' after the Mayor who instigated them.

New *Virtual Tour* announcement!

This Wednesday 2nd December at 2pm founder of Totally Tailored, Charley will be giving a virtual live streamed tour of this - her favourite stretch of the river Thames.

This 30 minute tour is free to join from anywhere in the world.

See bio for link to book.

This picture was taken this morning by @stinkmonebuttshaw and features just one of the delights you'll encounter with Charley on this virtual 'London Bridge to Tower Bridge' tour.

Travel may have stopped, but we haven't.

Introducing Totally Tailored Learning.

We are proud to present a series of one-to-one, fully interactive (and fun!) videocall courses conducted by our wonderful guides.

Try 'History of Art 101' with Beatrice,
'Churchill in 4 hats' with Antony, 'Tudors' with Danny, 'Badass Women of History' with Jasmin or 'How to perform a monologue' with Linus.

Each course consists of four, one-hour private video call sessions with your favourite guide. All courses can be worked around your or your kids' schedule. And as no two learners are the same, your course content will be Totally Tailored 😉 to you.

For more information on all of our exciting courses, visit our brand new Totally Tailored Learning page, in the link on bio.

Cramond Island is a tidal island lying in the #firthofforth alongside the desirable suburb of Cramond.

An easy day trip from Edinburgh's city centre by bike or bus (number 41).

This man-made causeway takes walkers & to the 19 acre island where WW2 bunkers beaches and perfect picnic spots prevail.

Tour guide tip: keep an eye on the tide times to avoid getting stranded.

We are back doing our famous food tours. Perfect idea for your Christmas party. Choose to tour Borough or any part of London to discover and enjoy your area safely while supporting small food and drink businesses. Enquire at ...

Throwback to the glorious city of Edinburgh.

Learned so much and made so many great connections from spending a year living here.
Should you have any questions or need any advice about Scotland's glorious capital, just send us a message.

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