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Brilliantly British: London’s Best Scotch Eggs

What’s the most quintessentially British food: fish and chips? Bangers and mash? Crisp sandwiches? No, we tell you: it’s the Scotch Egg.

Never heard of it? Well, soft boil an egg. Then, wrap it up in a blanket of sausagemeat. Lastly, roll it in a layer of breadcrumbs, and deep-fry it in hot oil.

As with lots of British food, it’s comforting, portable, and not particularly healthy. And interestingly, despite Scotland’s love of deep-fried food, they’re an English invention. ‘Scotching’ is an old-fashioned word for turning a type of food into something more unusual.

Fortnum and Mason, the famous Piccadilly department store, claims to have invented the scotch egg in 1738. They were historically suppliers of food to travellers, explorers and adventurers, and a scotch egg is still what many British people consider a practical meal on the go. Once rather an indulgent treat, now they’re available everywhere. But even one element out of place (too salty, not crispy enough, or too small) can ruin the whole experience.

Our Favourite Scotch Egg:


Where: Borough Market, 8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL
Price: £6

Shellseekers are a fish and game stall at Borough Market. While they specialise in fresh seafood, their founder still regularly dives for scallops, they have also an excellent hot food stall featuring vension burgers, chips and our favourite scotch eggs.

Served with a twist of black pepper and brown sauce on the side we can’t get enough of this classic dish.

Tour Guide Tip: Try their king prawns marinated in Old Bay sauce, they are heavenly!

The Artisan Scotch Egg:

Ginger Pig

Where: locations across London, including Marylebone, Borough Market, and Hackney
Price: from £5

The Ginger Pig are an upmarket brand of butcher, and they really know their stuff. Wander into one of their shops and you can take specialist courses in butchery and cooking as well as buying a joint of pork or a pie. So it’s no surprise that their scotch egg is on this list.

They prefer their egg with a firm-set yolk, so it’s a nice traditional entry, perfect for eating on-the-go.

Tour Guide Tip: Eat it cold with their selection of chutneys and pickles.

The Inventor’s Scotch Egg:

Fortnum & Mason

Where: 181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1ER
Price: £4.49

Now, whether or not you believe that they really did invent the scotch egg there’s simply no denying that going to Fortnum’s and savouring one of their lovely creations is a quintessential British culinary experience.

Having wandered through the plush red-carpeted temple to tea and cake, go to the basement for a scotch egg to go. Or if you have time for relaxation, head to one of the tea salons to enjoy your scotch egg in style.

Tour Guide Tip: When we went to afternoon tea we were served two types of Scotch Egg: the classic, served with piccallilli (a British spicy pickle), and one that was beetroot-infused Scotch Egg. Definitely worth seeking out.

The High Street Favourite Scotch Egg:

Marks And Spencer’s

Where: locations across London and nationwide
Price: £2- £5

Out of all the high street offerings of scotch eggs, we think it’s M&S that comes up trumps. They understand that a scotch egg should be filling, delicious, and pretty straightforward.

That’s why you won’t find any bells and whistles here (although they do offer a wheat-free scotch egg too). It’s just a proper, honest-to-goodness creamy egg inside a pork and breadcrumb casing. And because they have so many shops, you’re never very far from a great snack.

The Gastropub Scotch Egg:

Harwood Arms

Where: Walham Grove, London SW6 1QJ
Price: £9

As the only pub in London with a Michelin star, you can trust that you are in safe hands at the Harwood Arms. Indeed their venision Scotch egg is spicy, flavourful and incredibly more-ish. It comes served with Oxford Sauce

They also provide a vegetarian option using Glamorgan sausage and served with red onion jam and vegan bacon.

Tour Guide Tip: Pair your scotch egg with an IPA. We love Neck Oil by Beavertown Brewery.

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