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Borough Market For Vegans

Are you a vegan food enthusiast looking for a culinary adventure? Look no further than Borough Market, London’s own diverse farmers market. With more than 100 stalls and vendors, Borough Market offers a treasure trove of vegan options, but you have to know where to look. Join us as we embark on a journey through the market, exploring some of the best vegan offerings the market has to offer!

Horn OK Please

Photo Courtesy of Borough Market

Craving something savoury? Head to Horn OK Please for some mouthwatering vegetarian Indian street food. This Borough Market stall is vegetarian, but their vegan options are plentiful. Their food is packed with fragrant spices, and brimming with flavour. 

Tour guide tip: We love their handmade dosas made fresh in front of you. Their chai masala is famous too!

Gujarati Rasoi

Photo Courtesy of Red Agency London, 2023

Want to continue diving into the rich flavours of Indian cuisine? Check out Gujarati Rasoi, another Vegetarian Indian Food stall at the market, with a plethora of vegan options to choose from. Serving up generational recipes, using only fresh ingredients and whole spices, there is no shortage of tasty dishes to enjoy.

Khanom Krok

Photo Courtesy of Borough Market

If you love Thai food, treat yourself to a taste of Thailand at Khanom Krok.  This stall, run by a husband and wife team, have been making small coconut pancakes for years- also known as Khanom Krok. These delightful bites are naturally vegan, made with rice, rice flour, coconut milk , sugar and salt. Made in a special pan, they have a crispy bottom and warm custard on the inside. Bursting with flavour, they are the perfect snack to enjoy as you explore the market. They do have other vegan dishes, such as their Mango and Sticky Rice, but the coconut pancakes are unique – try these first.


Photo Courtesy of Borough Market

After travelling around Mexico and falling in love with the Cuisine, Nicholas Fitzgerald opened Padre. This vibrant stall serves vegan options including Cauliflower Al Pastor, Crispy Potato and Tortilla Chips & Salsa.

Tour guide tip: Their vegan Crispy Potato side dish goes amazing with any main!


Photo Courtesy of Red Agency London, 2023

Fancy some street food? Expect a warm and friendly welcome as you embark on a culinary adventure to Iraq with Juma‘s vegan offerings. Chef Philip Juma has created an Iraqi-inspired street food menu, filled with an array of Vegan (and Halal) options such as Bamia Okra Stew. 

Humble Crumble

Photo Courtesy of Borough Market

As with all good meals, let’s finish with a dessert at the one and only: Humble Crumble. From their humble beginnings in the market only 4 years ago, Humble Crumble have quickly become the market’s defining desert. How did they do this? It’s not rocket science- by faithfully recreating one of Britain’s best loved, simplest deserts. They offer a choice of different fruit bases, but for us they have yet to top classic apple and cinnamon, topped off with all the garnishes. Just make sure you ask for vegan crumble and custard. 

Be warned- word has got out and the queue is fearsome. Either get there early or, even better, and join our Private Borough Market Food Tour and skip the queue at even peak times!



Photo Courtesy of Borough Market

While not technically in the market, Mallow sits in a beautiful building overlooking the market and it is too good not to mention. Mallow is a 100% plant-based restaurant dreamt up by the owners of the legendary Mildrids in Soho. The menu is inspired by flavours from all over the world and encompassed by fresh, colourful food which, very importantly, is seasonal and sustainable. Our recommendation is the Market Thali to enjoy a wide selection of uniquely crafted dishes. Follow this up with their beautiful poached apricot crème brûlée. 

Whether you’re in the mood for sweet treats, savoury snacks, or hearty meals, you’ll find plenty to enjoy as you explore the market’s bustling stalls and vibrant atmosphere. Sound good? Book a private vegan culinary adventure with an expert guide at Borough Market with Totally Tailored. Our Private Borough Market Food Tours can be tailored to any dietary requirements

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