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After 8 years working in the London tour industry, we wanted to provide a more personal and premium alternative to the “take your photos and be back on the bus in 5 minutes” approach.

Our custom private tours in the UK are led by a dynamic and passionate team. Just as no two tailor-made tours are the same, our guides display a wide range of unique skills and qualities to give you the best memories of our beautiful country.

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Meet the Team

Our team are passionate tour guides who have been selected for their expertise and personality. Forget boring lectures — our guides are more like a knowledgeable new friend who can bring out the best of the UK, all tailored to you.

Founder of Totally Tailored

Charley set up on her own after six years working for large bus operators, thinking: “this can be done better!” She’s a foodie, a cyclist, and a lifelong Londoner. She loves to let you in on secrets about where to find the best hot chocolate, the most authentic pub, and the garden no one else knows about.

Charley is currently up in Edinburgh creating bespoke tours for our guests in Scotland.

Specialist Tour Guide

She’s a foodie, fashionista, and fan of Victorian literature (she’s got a PhD in that, don’t you know). She can show you where to find that special antique, one-off vintage scarf or the Rembrandt no-one knows about. She is also the chief writer on our excellent blog about all things London.

Catch her on one of our classic sightseeing tours, London Shopping tours, or Food tours. You can also email her at for a specialist tour, tailored just for you.

Tour Guide and Operations Manager

Madeleine is a passionate history buff — she loves telling the strange and wonderful stories that have shaped London today. Born and bred in London, she knows all the best sightseeing spots, restaurants, theater shows, and more! Alongside guiding she is a music lover, and in her spare time writes and performs songs at local music venues.

You can meet Madeleine sharing her amazing knowledge on our Best of London or Royal Morning in London.

Tour Guide

David is an actor and musical theater performer who’s always looking for the best London has to offer. From the best views to the best lunch spots, David has got it covered. As a huge football supporter (Tottenham Hotspur and Bournemouth), David can talk for days about almost anything — football (soccer), theater, the arts, history, food, beer, and more! As a quizmaster, he also loves a good game of trivia

Find David on the Best of London or Royal Morning in London!

Tour Guide and Business Development Manager

Jack is a Londoner with a background in archaeology and heritage, and the kind of passion for Harry Potter which leads to founding an international Quidditch league! When he’s not digging up the dirt on London you can find Jack cheering on his beloved Chelsea FC, and trying to eat as much of the best food offerings in the capital as he can.

Find Jack on the Oxford Day Trip or the Best of London tour.

Tour Guide

Linus is a professional actor, improviser, and catwalk model (it’s because he’s originally from Sweden, where everyone is multi-talented). He’s a passionate fan of Harry Potter and can tell you where to find that special edition book, the newest exhibition, or the play that’s about to hit the big time.

Find Linus on one of our Harry Potter tours – or on stage at the Edinburgh festival performing sold-out shows!

Tour Guide

Jasmin loves to showcase London at its best, and that’s because she understands performance.

When’s she not delighting kids and hard-to-impress teenagers on our family tours, she’s acting as an 18th-century witch on the Cutty Sark in Greenwich or doing the occasional stand-up gig in the West End. She’s also a huge Harry Potter fan too (she’s in Gryffindor, obviously).

Meet Jasmin on one of our classic tours of London or one of our Harry Potter tours.

Tour Guide

Antony is a writer, broadcaster, and former Museum of London director. He’s got a great eye for amazing historical sights and a knack for revealing the city’s hidden secrets. His passion for celebrating creative Londoners (past and present) covers everything from historic shoemakers to today’s Soho.

Find Antony on the Inside the Abbey and Tower tour or a custom fashion tour!

Tour Guide

Rob is a writer, performer, improviser, and musician (fun fact: he’s been playing violin since the grand old age of four). He’s a Northerner who moved to London eight years ago with no plans to stay, but fell in love with the city and now thinks otherwise. He likes nothing more than showing people his favorite city and its fascinating history.

Find Rob on the Best of London and Harry Potter tours!

Tour Guide

Charlotte is a Londoner and passionate guide who loves to show off her city and the glories of England. She has a wealth of stories to tell, from why London phone boxes are red to which US president was Queen Victoria’s favorite.

Find Charlotte on the Greenwich Getaway or the Stonehenge and More Tour!

Tour Guide

Angus has lived in London all his life, and he’s got insider knowledge from all sorts of different jobs. He has stood on guard outside Buckingham Palace as one of the Grenadier Guards, he was a fire-fighter for over 30 years, and he’s even been a London cabbie in his time! Nowadays, he shares his love for Britain’s rich history – especially Shakespeare! – on his amazing tours.

Find Angus on an Art and Architecture tour, or even Inside the Abbey and Tower!

Tour Guide and London Black Taxi Driver

Neil is an East Londoner – a Hackney boy, if you’re asking – who drives one of London’s new electric black cabs. He’s full of knowledge (and not just “the knowledge”) about London, particularly the food scene, because he’s a bit of a gourmet. He’s the perfect choice for a day of sightseeing while seated, since the TX has a panoramic sunroof to watch London’s skyline go by.

Find Neil on a London Layover tour, or any other tour for a small group with a vehicle!

Maurice, one of our London guides
Expert Driver

Originally from Dublin, Maurice is a proud London cabbie, who knows every road in London. Not only does he have ‘the Knowledge’ (the notoriously hard exam about all London’s roads) he has a tour guide qualification too. His handsome Mercedes vehicle can comfortably carry six people and is perfect for transfers and tours for anyone who finds walking difficult, or doesn’t fancy the London Underground.

Maurice loves going to the theatre and has all the best tips about getting the best seats at London’s best shows.

Hiro, resident of our London office
Tour Guide

Hiro is currently very busy designing “London on Four Legs: The Ultimate Walking Tour for Dogs” for Totally Tailored Paws. He can sniff out London’s best green spaces and his sense of direction is second to none. He loves running and socializing and urban foraging.

You can find Hiro keeping up morale in our office – or occasionally assisting a sightseeing tour.

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